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          中文 English

          服务热线:021-5473 6833


          FCC 有两种认证方式:
          •1, FCC SDoC  
          •2, Certification  (FCC accredited lab)
          对于无线产品来说,属于有意发射体,需要做FCC certification,with a FCC ID number on the label. 
          FCC ID consists of grantee code and product code:
          •   a. Grantee code can be applied on FCC website ;
          •   b. Product code The equipment product code assigned by the grantee shall consist of a series of Arabic numerals, capital letters or a combination thereof, and may include the dash or hyphen (-). The total of Arabic numerals, capital letters and dashes or hyphens shall not exceed 14.
          FCC ID认证的资料清单:
          •1,Agency Authorization Letter *
          •2,Block Diagram *
          •3,Users Manual *
          •4,Schematics *
          •5,Operational Description *
          •6, FCC Label & Location *
          •7, Confidential Letter *
          •8,External Photos
          •9,Internal Photos 
          •10,Form 731
          •11,Test Report (RF report & MPE/SAR report)
          •Note: 1~7 shall be supplied by customer or signed by customer 
          • 熠品定期举办

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