Designed to prime your body, calm your mind, and expand your consciousness.

Our sessions include Breathwork, meditation and some basic body movements from qigong, and yoga. You are guided on an experience to access subconscious patterns and belief systems, where we can begin to release trauma, suppressed emotion, and dissolve limiting beliefs.

I, Ru, have trained and now teach this work because of the profound impact these practices have had on my life. It has lead me to a deeper understanding of who I truely am, which has brought a sense of purpose and inner peace to my life. As a result of this inner work my outer world has began to manifest itself into reality.

The breath is such a powerful tool that we all have access to, my mission is to show you how to use it in practical day to day situations, for physical performance, and deep inner work.

So let journey begin, join the movement, and begin to live from your heart,