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I help high achievers release surpressed trauma/emotions and overcome existing limiting beliefs by guiding into the subconscious mind through conscious breathwork. This connects you to your intuition allowing growth towards an abundant, more aligned future.

Sunday Stillness
Sun, Sep 27
Burleigh Beach
Sep 27, 7:00 AM
Burleigh Beach, Burleigh Beach, Queensland, Australia
Join us for a FREE breathwork and meditation session on the beach this Sunday! Tune in, see where your inner guidance takes you




The breathwork session I did was something so foreign to anything I’ve ever experienced. It was incredibly powerful and such a moving process.

For me personally it really helped me let go of things I was holding onto and really changed my perspective on a few things in my life. Ru as an instructor was so calming and really supportive throughout the whole process.




Marketing Coordinator at Australian Skin Clinics

I live a very busy life between balancing work, personal life, my hobbies, family and health and fitness, I don’t often give much time to myself. The way Ru facilitated his breathwork session from his purpose, how he flowed through it and the circle we had after to discuss our experience was incredible. I’d never done anything like this before and was made to feel extremely safe and comfortable. The breathwork itself allowed me to release a lot of inner tension I’d been holding onto for a while, it felt amazing to have let it go. I could not recommend Ru enough!


Lifestyle & Nutrition Professional Co-Founder Addicted2Fitness

Ru introduced me to holotropic breathing & all I can say is Wowee! I wasn’t sure what to expect at first. To be honest, I was even a little sceptical at first. Ru made the whole experience not only educational but super seamless, welcoming & inviting. The practice itself.... insane! I’ve never felt more hyper-aware, yet at peace more in my life. It was an intense moment of clarity. I’d highly recommend having Ru support you and teach you the ‘magic’ of controlling your breath & in turn, mental state.... I know I’ll continue to invest in myself with him


I now facilitate breathwork & meditation because of the profound impact these practices have had on my life. They have allowed me to let go of an old identity and begin a whole new reality

The breath is such a powerful tool that we all have, my mission is to show you how to use it for day to day situations, physical performance, and deep inner work to transform yourself

So let your journey begin, and start living from the heart 

~ Ru ~


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